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Thank you for your interest in hosting a stall at Pride Bolton Festival 2024.

This year marks Pride in Bolton's 9th year since it was founded and remarkably '53 years of Pride' since the Stone Wall riots. Since the gloom of COVID we have received unprecedented interest for involvement and anticipate along with the forecast warm weather a fantastic Pride Festival for 2024.


As you may be aware, within the GMCA network Bolton is considered 2nd largest Pride festival and parade next to Manchester city centre in terms of scale and *the biggest town within Europe due to its population and we are more than proud to be the flagship for LGBTQI+ rights helping to normalise acceptance and reduce hate crime through our persistent presence and message.


As such Space within Victoria Square and it's surrounding area is premium so Pride Bolton operate a fair and consistent approach when considering stall holder applications.

There will be a range of information stalls ranging from expo exhibition (non sales), food and drink, health and well being, community groups, charity, social group and market stalls, we're looking for a range of stallholders to help celebrate acceptance of the LGBTQ+ Allies community. Continuing to raise awareness and stand out all helps to normalise acceptance of the LGBTQ+ Allies community. Focus and primary consideration will be given to grass roots and expo stalls that align to the values of Pride in Bolton.


Naturally with rising costs year on year and everything having to be paid for, we have tried to keep the stall fee donation as low as possible like last year and have kept Pride Bolton a free to attend and enjoyable event for festival goers. It is recognised and appreciated that without the support of our fabulous stall holders and wider supporters the event just couldn't happen.




We appreciate and recognise that there is a difference between commercial traders, social groups, charities and information services, so we have suggested stall hours below to ensure you are able to balance your overall stall objectives and find time to enjoy the festival too. These times are purely guidance. If you have been accepted as a stall holder you may open and close from the beginning until the end or or use the suggested stall times.



Please note Victoria Square's overall Festival opening and closing hours and the specific stall holder opening day / hours broken down below.


Saturday -  25th May   10am – 6pm  (Official Launch & Busiest day)

Sunday    -  26h  May    10am - 5pm (Family day)


*Please expect that as the parade arrives on Saturday at Victoria Square at approximately 12:15pm your stall may have larger interest and number of customers than earlier in the morning and throughout the day as the entertainment gets underway.


Stall holder’s are welcome to attend from the start to end of their accepted day. This is your choice but you must indicate on the below form what your intentions are.

Please note that the entertainment and stage will close at 6pm with Victoria Square closing at 6pm on Saturday and close at 5pm on Sunday with 24 hour security taking over. We advise you do not leave valuables behind as Pride cannot take responsibility for any loss, damage and or theft.

Pride festival officially kicks off on Saturday after the parade and opening speeches with higher numbers of people always in Victoria Square from then on so please plan your timings and staff accordingly.

You should arrive early in good time to setup before the opening time.

Parking: not available on-site or for un/onloading.

Please use the carparks available within close proximity of Victoria Square. Please use the parking payment metres available. Pride does not provide any discounts or free parking.

Parking: not available on-site or for un/onloading. Please use the carparks available within close proximity of Victoria Square. Please use the parking payment metres available. Pride does not provide any discounts or free parking.


To Apply for a stall please  read the detailed stall holder information terms and conditions below and complete the stall holder application form and make your donation using the details supplied at the bottom of this page.


Following receiving your donation you will then be provided with confirmation and shortly beore the festival a stallholder information pack.

Information Terms & Conditions:

  • There are a limited number of stall spaces and we are often oversubscribed so applications will be considered on a first come first served basis. subject to Pride Bolton terms and conditions.
  • If your application is accepted you will be provided with your stall information, site map and any other appropriate information approximately 1 week before the festival date.
  • Pride Bolton is operating an information point lost and found and missing persons stall located at stall number one ' The Hub' and you will also be able to see the Pride Bolton ambassadors (volunteer's) that will be available on the day in high visibility overcoats to assist both the public and stall holders, including Pride Bolton security team.
  • The Pride team and it's ambassadors (volunteer's) are not able to help with carrying or administrative issues. Please ensure any queries you have are addressed in good time before the festival. Should you have any urgent queries that cannot be dealt with until after the event, a senior member of the Pride Bolton team may be made available, otherwise please contact the team after the event.
  • Pride Bolton operates a 'unified space' policy. This means each Gazebo will contain 2 table's and 4 chairs (chairs if required).
  • If you require more than 1 total gazebo pitch space, please indicate this on your application below. A supplement charge will apply i.e. the space of 2 gazebo's will require 2 x stall pitch space donations.
  • Each Gazebo size is 3 metres Wide x 3m deep.
  • There may be no reduction in the fee donation if you desire to bring your own gazebo or chairs.
  • Power is strictly not provided and petrol generators are not allowed. Quiet desal generator's may be considered in addition to the relevant health & safety documents.
  • Stall holder allocation and where you are located is strictly subject to allocation by Pride Bolton and you will not be able to choose your preferred space.
  • Allocation of 'premium' space (Zone 1 - Victoria Square) located within the heart of the site and festival 'Victoria Square' may be prioritised for grass root's, community and or charity, Union and educational or public services.
  • Zone 2 stall spaces (outside Victoria Square) may be allocated outside of Victoria Square within close proximity subject to allocation by Pride Bolton.
  • Stall Holder's are reminded that Saturday is often the busiest day, particularly just after the parade arrives at the square. It is advised that all stall holder types plan their staffing and or supply of merchandise and or food and drink appropriately in order to meet public demand and ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Please be sure of the days you require to be present as if you change your mind later, due to administration restrictions and fairness we will not be able to change your preference later or provide any refund or deferral. This means for example if you pay for a stall pitch space and advise you will not be there on one or all of your selected days, we may allocate that space to another stall holder in order to give them an opportunity at the Pride Bolton Festival and equally any donation made towards the cost of the stall will be forfeit and treated as a donation towards the rest of the festival so please be sure.
  • Sharing with a friend or sub-letting of stall space over the weekend between 2 separate organisations is strictly forbidden unless agreed with Pride in writing and this will be monitored by Pride Bolton and upon inspection.
  • Only registered stallholders will be allowed to occupy a gazebo and will be monitored.
  • You will need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance (min £10,000,000 - 10 million pounds) to Pride Bolton before the festival.
  • You may need to supply photographs and sizes or your gazebo (if bringing your own) before the festival.
  • Pride Bolton will try to vary the type stall holders to ensure a good spread and mix of different organisations ranging from information stalls, public sector organisations, local community interest and social groups and trade unions including commercial ventures, so that the festival is as diverse and as fair as possible.
  • Stallholders must not sell food or drink without express written permission from Pride Bolton subject to any local authority requirements including but not limited to any food hygiene compliance and or rating and appropriate documentation. Any additional charges for such certifications required are the responsibility of the stall holder.
  • Please note - failed attendance or cancellations  cannot be accepted and for the avoidance of doubt your stall-holder donation fee is treated as a non refundable donation that helps goes towards to costs of booking the entire space and so you are able have your space in Victoria Square and the administration and work involved in securing Victoria Square and putting on the whole Pride event. Your cohesive support is greatly appreciated. Deferral of dates i.e. to following year's festival will not be allowed.
  • By making a donation for a stall space you are agreeing to be bound by an implied non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement of which you should adhere the GDPR and not disclose any details including any personal and or sensitive data to any third party or without the consent of Pride Bolton or the person(s) consent.
  • We may say thank you online to you for your stall holder supporting Pride Bolton so please let us know if you'd like us to abstain from doing so.
  • The stalls and whole site build will be carried out in advance on Friday 25th May 2024 meaning that your stall should be ready for occupation and setup by Saturday 25th May 2024 before festival opening time(s). So it is advised that you arrive early. we suggest you arrive around 10:00 am if you are setting up on Friday or arriving at 8:00 am if operating your stall on Saturday or Sunday, this will afford you good time to bring your stall things with you and setup.
  • Victoria Square may be cordoned off with Heras tall and shorter pedestrian fencing with a security teem in place to help manage site set-up and crowd control including the stage and safety.
  • Bags checks by security may be in operation.
  • Personal alcohol / food will not be allowed to be brought onto site. You must purchase any such items for consumption from the local beverage / food vendor's available on site.
  • Photograph's and or video recording both by Pride Bolton and or the public and or media may take place and used online or by media companies. We have no control over how this may be used.
  • There will be Pride Bolton security Team and ambassador's (volunteer's) also on site to assist with security and information and engage with the public recognisable by their high visibility overcoat's and the Pride Bolton ambassadors will be identifiable in their high viability overcoat's and identification lanyards.
  • Portaloo toilets including disable portaloo toilets will be provided on-site.
  • There is no parking on-site but there are available parking spaces adjacent to Victoria Square on a first come first served basis and parking meters in place. There is also parking available at the car park 'Le Manns' crescent a few meters walk away. In addition there are various other car parks located in close proximity to Victoria Square. Pride Bolton will take no responsibility for parking and or car parking notices and or parking tickets and stall holders are expected to comply with local car parking signage and rules.
  • Pride Bolton suggests stall holders utilise for example, google maps that may assist you with local parking. Please contact us if you require more localised knowledge or direction.
  • The Square will be opened to the public at approximately 10:00am on Saturday 25th May. Entertainment will commence and then finish at 6:00pm with Victoria Square closing at 6pm. Victoria Square will open on Sunday day 26th May 10:00am and close at 5:00pm.
  • Stall holders should not leave any personal or merchandise in their stall over night and Pride Bolton will accept no responsibility for lost and or stolen items so please take all reasonable steps to protect your items.
  • Stall holders are required to remove their own general rubbish and take it to the bins provided (not including big or waste cardboard from storage boxes and or bags - please take these back with you and dispose of them at your own convenience). You must keep you area, inviting, clean, safe and tidy.
  • Pride Bolton ambassadors (volunteer's) and the security team have been briefed to be vigilant and observe tidiness, waste build up and or litter for health and safety. Any i.e. spillages within your stall and or damage to the chairs, table or stall deemed to be caused by the stall holder and any associated costs will be passed onto the stall holder thereafter.
  • Pride Bolton will inspect stalls and take photographs both before and after of the stall area for the avoidance of doubt.
  • You must adhere to the reasonable requests of the Pride Bolton Team including security. Any nuisance or misconduct will not be tolerated and anyone found to be causing nuisance or a breaching the peaceful enjoyment of the festival may be asked to leave and their donation forfeit.
  • Alcohol may be available to purchase onsite. Please drink moderately and safely.
  • Pride Bolton reserves the right to amend these terms at any time in accordance with festival needs and will make a reasonable effort to inform any booked pitch space holders if it may materially effect a pitch space.
  • You accept that your donation fee is treated a donation to a good cause. From time to time in accordance with festival needs the donation fee illustrated on the website for a stall pitch space could increase / decrease pertinent to festival needs. If this occurs and you have already paid you donation you will not be required to pay any further increase. Equally if the donation fee illustrated on the website later reduces and you have already paid your donation, you will not be entitled to any part refund.
  • This booking page reflects the stall pitch donation fee at the time of booking.
  • Stall holders agree that Pride Bolton will not use or share their personal data other than with the local authority i.e. Police if requested to do so. Pride Bolton will have regard for GDPR.
  • Pride Bolton suggests that stall holders keep monitor and 'like' or 'follow' FB, social media and news for any upcoming updates about the entertainment line up on the day and any changes. Pride Bolton will take all reasonable steps to update booked in stall holders of any changes to festival times or significant material changes in good time.
  • Stall holders understand that Pride Bolton has no control over the weather of matters of fore majeure.
  • Booked in stall holders understand that should a matter arise pertaining to fore majeure once the festival has commenced, for example but unlimited to, an earthquake, natural disaster or hurricane and the festival has to be stopped, donations will be treated as such and no refunds will be given as Pride Bolton will also have had to stop the entire festival to the detriment of everybody included not just stall holders.
  • Bookings cannot be transferred to another event or stall holder.
  • Subletting stalls is not permitted and will be monitored.
  • Stall holders understand and agree that the donation fee for the stall space constitutes a donation to a good cause and is non refundable.
  • If you wish to participate in the parade you must register separately following the link on Pride Bolton website. It is advised that you watch the parade safety video.
  • There may an additional charge for organisations and commercial entity's that would like to walk and or have a vehicle present in the parade. Please indicate your interest on the form. Please advise on the form.
  • You will be expected to take all reasonable steps and precautions to ensure your stall is safe and tidy with a view to the public interest and peaceful enjoyment of the festival.
  • Water will not be provided to stalls. Stall holders are advised to bring bottle water for the anticipated hot weather and you will be able to ask the bar provider onsite in the square for water and or seek refreshment.
  • By making your donation you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Pride Bolton may update these terms and conditions at any time for example to ensure adherence to any local regulatory or internal policy changes and requirements from which Pride Bolton will take reasonable steps to update booked stall holders in a timely manner.
  • Pride Bolton has taken all reasonable steps to cover the majority of items pertaining to stall holders as is reasonable possible within these terms and information. It is agreed and accepted by the stall holder that these terms may be updated later if required subject to any further requirement i.e. set out by the local authority and or specific needs of Pride Bolton in order to ensure and fair, fun, peaceful and safe Pride Bolton Festival.

These are the costs to book a stall:

With limited funding we have worked hard to be able to keep the festival free to enter for private citizens, and we will strive to continue to do this and keep costs and minimum donations as low as possible for the future. Pride Bolton relies on it's supporters to help pay for the cost of delivering a fun and happy festival for everyone. All donations are welcome and go towards delivering the entirety of the event.

Thank you for your support.

Please note the above opening times / trading hours and select your stall day(s) your donation below.

Commercial / Trader (𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐅𝐎𝐎𝐃 / 𝐀𝐋𝐂O𝐇𝐎𝐋 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐑* 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐋𝐘 SEPERATELY) i.e. LTD company / Partnership / Sole Trader (covers - Saturday & Sunday) Please see festival opening hours above. Please note peak times and adjust your staff / stock accordingly.



Charity / Trade Union / General Public Sector / NHS (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £173.20 WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
Unregistered Community or social group (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £88.00 FOR WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
CIC (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £88.00 WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
Limited by guarantee NFP (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £88.00 WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
Social Group (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £88.00 WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
Educational institution (Please see festival opening hours above.  Please adjust your stall staff requirements accordingly - Donation covers  both days, Saturday & Sunday). £88.00 WEEKEND RATE (PART DAYS NOT AVAILABLE)
*Parade Vehicle -  *FREE for private citizens & small community groups (Saturday)


Commercial entity's or medium / Large organisations -Please contact us


Please Register / Contact us


Stall Application

If you are unclear of have any questions please e-mail

See you at Pride


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